Plaska GPS Services

Plaska GPS system integration of sales and installation service two departments, including the GNSS equipment sales, GIS survey services and vehicle monitoring dispatch. and GNSS / GIS / INS integration of application systems and software and hardware system development and provision of GNSS / INS applications planning design, set-up of GNSS RTK base station and GNSS control point surveying services.

iANS System

iANS Sysrem
All-in-One High Grade GNSS/INS Solutions

GWS Sounding Data
Processing System



Civitanavi Systems

Civitanavi Systems designs and manufactures its own range of inertial systems for commercial and military applications, as well as develops customized solutions tailored to specific customers requirements.


Inertial Navigation System

AHRS and Gyrocompass

FOG Land Navigator

CFA-100M for Drilling


Comtech Sys

Comtech SyS Pte. Ltd. is a hi-end in designing and engineering advanced navigator sensor products and antennas used for the multi-GNSS survey and navigator system.
Our systems and equipments are designed for the highest performance and disposition to operate in the most demanding environments. Using tracking, microwave, quartz accelerometer, MIOC, Multi-GNSS satellite survey, and Inertial Navigator Systems (INS), we have created turnkey navigator sensor systems for commercial and military defense applications.
Our high bay manufacturing facility allows us to assemble and end test multi-frequency systems either on racks or integrated onto GNSS sensors.



Antenna System

Fiber Colil & MIOC

Multi-GNSS Simulator


GPS Networking

GPS Networking, Inc. is the only company which specializes in providing global positioning products and solutions to enable you to effectively distribute the GPS signal throughout your site or facility. We have developed a line of building block GPS products which allow you to design your own GPS network which meets your individual needs. For over 15 years, GPS Networking has been the number one provider of GPS Antenna Splitters, GPS Amplifiers, and GPS Re-radiating Kits in the world.


GPS Amplifiers

Fiber Optic
Network System

Attenuators & DC Blocks


SBG Systems

SBG Systems offers a complete line of high performance and miniature Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS), Motion Reference Unit (MRU), Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) with embedded GNSS receiver (INS/GNSS).



Ellipse Series

Ekinox Series

Apogee Series

Roll, Pitch

Up to 0.1°

Up to 0.05°

Up to 0.008°


Up to 0.2°

Up to 0.05°

Up to 0.008°


Up to 2 cm

Up to 2 cm

2 cm (RTK GPS)


10 cm

2.5 cm (Delayed)
5 cm (Real-time)

2 cm (Delayed)
5 cm (Real-time)



GNSS Receivers for demanding applications, offering a broad range of precision OEM GNSS products for use in existing and emerging markets. Septentrio’s advanced GNSS chipset solutions and original algorithms provide pinpoint accuracy for reliably robust, accurate positioning.


Reference Receivers

OEM Receiver Boards

Integrated GNSS Receivers



Trimble offers the latest centimeter-level positioning technology to system integrators. GPS/GNSS receivers are designed to allow easy incorporation into specialized or custom hardware solutions. GPS/GNSS receiver modules harness the widest range of GPS L1/L2/L5 and GLONASS L1/L2 signals in easy-to-integrate modules that provides fast RTK initialization with proven low-elevation tracking. Decimeter positioning with OmniSTAR XP/HP support is also available.



Communications Boards

OEM GNSS Enclosures