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Plaska GPS Services, Inc. was set-up in March 1989, Taiwan's first professional GNSS Survey and services company. The main sales and service of high-end GNSS / INS products, products used in GNSS surveying / GIS data collection, CORS satellite tracking station, CGRS observatory station, navigation design, erection, maintenance ... .. and so on.

Plaska GPS obtain Taiwan's quality service Business Award in 1995.

Plaska GPS system integration of sales and installation service two departments, including the GNSS equipment sales, GIS survey services and vehicle monitoring dispatch. and GNSS / GIS / INS integration of application systems and software and hardware system development and provision of GNSS / INS applications planning design, set-up of GNSS RTK base station and GNSS control point surveying services.
Plaska GPS customers market: universities, research institutions, governments, engineering companies, the military and shipping.


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